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Power Flushing

At Paul Shortall Plumbing & Heating Ltd, we offer quick, efficient, and highly effective power flushing services. Power flushing is the process by which central heating systems are cleaned using water and chemicals at high velocity with low pressure so that no physical damage is caused to the system.


Power flushing is used to clean out your entire heating system including the boiler heat exchangers. This removes the build-up of grime, sludge, or lime scale which can cause a reduction in the efficiency of the heating system. Power flushing is a fast and efficient service and is suitable for pretty much any home heating system.

Your central heating system will let you know when it is due a cleaning. These signs include:

Cold spots on radiators

Radiators cold at the bottom

Loud noises from the boiler

Boiler cutting out regularly

Noisy pipes

Hot water fluctuating in temperature

Blocked pipes and valves

Radiators needing regular bleeding

Dirty water bleeding from radiators

Inability to control radiator temperature

Boiler Specialists


Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find power flushing near me?

Paul Shortall Plumbing & Heating is based in Mountmellick, Co. Laois. We perform power flushing for customers in Portlaoise, Portarlington, all of county Laois and surrounding counties Offaly, Kildare, Carlow.

How often should be central heating system be cleaned?

Ideally, power flushing should be carried out every 5-6 years. Depending on the quality and the materials of your central heating system, this can be extended to once every 8-10 years.

How much does power flushing cost?

The cost of power flushing will depend on the size of your property and the type of system to be cleaned. To discuss your requirements, book a free consultation or contact our team directly.

For More Information on Power Flushing Contact Paul Shortall Plumbing & Heating Ltd

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